Rebecca Harris

UX and UI Designer with a secret love of CSS.


“With great power comes great responsibility”. - Uncle Ben

My life goal of being a super hero didn’t pan out. However, when I found out that there were people out in the world who dedicated their life to keeping the digital world a sane place I thought “ HECK YES”. Long story short, I became a designer, battling for the users’ rights to access usable, beautiful, and well thought out products. Life is good when you get to protect people from frustrating and time wasting experiences.

I may not be able to leap over buildings but I’ve got my own set of super powers:
An intense drive to learn, super empathy (seriously people complain because I have a hard time taking sides), a love of collaboration, and the power of research.

My super hero tools:

  • Research and Analysis
  • User Interviews
  • Task Flows
  • Wire Framing
  • Prototyping
  • Site Mapping
  • User Testing
  • and much more.

Think we’d make good partners? Contact me at


An e-commerce platform that connects potential office furniture buyers directly with furniture dealers, bypassing the traditional middleman.

An online matchmaking site where Jewish parents find potential matches for their adult children.

A wearable heart health device designed to detect and warn users of life threatening episodes as well as give insight to their daily health data.