Role: UI and UxD


Mood boards, style tiles, full site mockup, site style guide


I was tasked with creating the UI and IxD for the desktop app for DeskLogic, an an e-commerce platform that connects office furniture buyers directly with the furniture dealers. As the new kid on the block, the client wanted a site that would impart a sense of trustworthiness that would help users feel comfortable using this new service.


On Site and Online Competitive Analysis

I started with competitive analysis (online and in the physical storefront) to get a feel for the furniture industry.

I also explored online sites from different industries, focusing on companies that excelled in guided shopping, e-commerce, and providing a great brand experience. Some of these companies included West Elm, Knoll, Herman Miller, IKEA, Target, and True Car.

Style Exploration

Mood Boards:

Style Tiles:

Preliminary mockups

Option 1: Modern Bold, and Graphic

Option 2: Open, Friendly, Spunky
(The client asked for two of the styles to be combined)

Interaction Design Choices

Original UX Wireframes

Some of the interactions that I fixed were:

  1. Better communicate site's value to potential users
    The original design was not clearly communicating what the web app did and why it would benefit users. To help prevent unnecessary drop off I tried different iterations to figure out the best way to quickly and succinctly explain the function of the web app.

  2. Prevented user errors
    I noticed there was an overlooked problem in the navigation. Previously, users would have been able to accidentally exit out of the ordering process, for example skipping the vision step entirely. Since each step uses information from the previous step, it would have prevented the app from working properly causing frustration for the users.

  3. Improved shopping experience
    I made it easier for the user to personalize the recommended furniture and therefore get them to check out quicker. I also made the shopping list more accessible in order to help users feel confident that they haven’t forgotten anything.