Role: UX and Ixd


Research plan, personas and scenarios, user flows, app map, wire frames, product road map


The PulseBand is a wearable heart health device designed to detect and warn users of life threatening episodes as well as give insight to their daily health data.

My team and I were tasked with designing the companion mobile app that will be used alongside the wearable band that assists users in understanding their data.


Sprint 1

We set out to discover everything we could about heart disease, wearable medical devices, and what daily life is like for those living with a heart condition. We conducted industry research, medical research, and interviews with SME’s as well as potential users.

Our research and interviews changed the scope and focus of the project. We originally were focusing on helping people manage their heart disease. We found that there was a need for a product that would help prevent heart disease or significantly delay it.

We created user personas for the two most important user groups. Those who would use the PulseBand to monitor a current heart condition and those that were at risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack.

Sprint 2

We began designing with the focus of showing users the relationship between unhealthy habits and bad heart health to encourage changes in user behavior.

After numerous user scenarios, user flows, and app maps we produced our first set of wireframes.

First set of wireframes

Sprint 3

Analysis and heuristic analysis gave us enough improvements to create the second iteration of wireframes.

Second set of wireframes

User testing revealed some big issues that had slipped through the cracks. We were not succeeding in presenting users with their data in an understandable way. The design had a heavier cognitive load than we were intending.


Feel free to contact me at rebeccadianeharris@gmail.com to see the entire prototype or wireframe.